Sunday, August 21, 2011

FaceTime Job Interview?

My wife and I recently traded-in our iphone 3s for iphone 4s.  One of the new features of the iphone 4 is the FaceTime feature.  This feature enables a visual connection between owners of iphone4s and ipads when they are using “wifi” sites. This feature is similar to Skype which I discussed in this blog on July 24, 2011.  I am wondering if job interviews will begin using this FaceTime feature.  

An article in The Dallas Morning News – August 21, 2011, issue edition on page 1J, “How to Put our Best Voice Forward” by ARCContent   contains tips for phone interview.  I believe these tips would be helpful to those that are interviewing for a job via FaceTime, Skype, or just the telephone.

Before the phone (Skype or FaceTime) interview: 
Dress for the occasion
·         Use a landline; a cell phone may drop (maybe not)
·         Turn off call waiting; it’s annoying (Be in a quiet, solitary place)
·         Place your resume in front of you, along with the employment ad (perhaps on a table before you for reference)
·         Keep pen, paper, and calculator on hand to take notes (I not so sure about the calculator)

During the phone (Skype or FaceTime) interview:
·         Ask the interviewer for the correct spelling of his/her name and verify title (if the information is not shown on your screen
·         Smile as you speak; the interviewer will hear you and perhaps see you as well
·         Stand as you speak; the voice will project better (I am not sure this is a good idea. You may be more relaxed seated)
·         Speak slowly; enunciate words and use proper grammar and don’t interrupt (Always good advice)
·         Don’t ramble; make your answers brief
·         Ask questions; showing interest in the job and organization
·         Thank the interviewer as  you sign-off

After the phone (Skype or FaceTime) interview:
·         Send a note of thanks by email or regular mail within 1 – 2 days
·         Follow-up with a contact with a week with you had no response from the organization

Hiring organizations are looking for candidates that are comfortable with new technologies. What is your opinion about Skype and FaceTime job interviews?



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